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How to plan your project

Custom work is very rewarding! Although labor-intensive, it doesn't need to be complicated. Whether for a table or a remodel, Jonathan has 3 steps to keep things moving smoothly.

Step #1: Consultation
The first consultation is meant to provide a rough idea of costs and scope for your project. Any pictures or sketches you have will be very helpful. The goal is to provide a basic budget for your ideas. This takes 1-2 hours plus any driving time. Jonathan will cover the costs of this meeting. For longer distances there is a mileage charge.

Step #2: Design
50% deposit required for designwork
Some projects are simple and require almost no design time. For most custom work, however, it is not unusual for Jonathan to spend 6-10 hours on the design phase. This crucial step is separate from the building phase and is billed as a separate service. Before any work is started, he’ll spend considerable time making a plan. During this phase you’ll discuss materials, hardware, specific dimensions, timeline, etc. He’ll likely provide sketches, CAD drawings, and detailed material and labor costs. Once you’ve arrived at a design and the design costs are fully paid, you’ll have completed drawings which you’ll be able to use as you please.

Step #3: Build
50% deposit required for building
To begin work on your project, a 50% deposit towards time and materials will be made. Once the project is complete, the remainder is paid upon delivery. Any changes made during this period are limited and might add to the costs.